Saturday, April 25, 2009

Derby Excitement!

So, the whole town of Louisville is getting pumped up and ready for the Derby. To make sure everyone's excited about it, the city puts on the Kentucky Derby Festival full of about two weeks of festivities. It's a pretty fun time, and in my attempt to get us more involved, I've been dragging Matt out to several events!

Today we went to Opening Day at Churchill Downs. It was so much fun! You could feel the excitement in the air in anticipation for The Derby next Saturday! Women were already wearing hats & drinking Mint Juleps and men were.... drinkin', smokin' and bettin' away! But I just walked around with a smile on my face all day.... and sunburn on my shoulders!

I would post pictures for you, however............ I wanted to take some "GOOD" pictures, so I took my real camera with me. "Real" meaning the use of actual film and lenses. I busted out the old Canon that I probably haven't really put into good use since my photography classes back in college. The anticipation of what they will look like it killing me! (I think I'm about to go drop off the film in a few minutes.)

But last night, we went to the Balloon Glow... and I took the digital camera to that. It was pretty neat. We waited around a lot not knowing if it was even going to happen because the wind was so strong, but it did - and it was worth the wait! I think Matt and I may have been the only "family" out there without any children - there were LOTS of kids - but it was ok, because like I said, the goal is to participate in more that the city has to offer!

So, enjoy some pics from the Balloon Glow!

You know I had to get a picture of the Coca-Cola one:

Thought this one was pretty cool too. The airport was close by and planes were going by all evening. I can only imagine the surprise when people flying overhead looked out the window. I actually caught one of the planes going over in this one:

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