Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the rest of Memorial Day weekend

So, I know, it can't get much better than my surprise from Matt on Sunday, but we did have just a little more fun....

Sunday afternoon, after I saw our initials engraved into the field, we headed out to the Reggae Festival. How fun! Let me tell you - I've planned events before and stressed out to the max because you have to worry about every little detail and make sure that everything goes perfectly because people get upset, etc. But if I were to ever coordinate an event again, I want it to be a Reggae Festival.... people just don't care! It was the most laid back event I have ever been to! No one was in a hurry, mon... no worries.... irie. It was great! And did I mention there were no lines at the drink tent! What? We just ate some food, laid out on our picnic blanket, listed to some jammin', admired the sights... like the coolest, longest dreads you've ever seen!

And then on Monday, well, we slept late... all the way til 9am! It was great! And then we decided it was time... it was time to bust out the Waffle Maker we received as a wedding gift! So Matt got to cookin', and as always, it was wonderful! Just thought I'd share that little bit of info with you.... Don't you wish you could be in Kentucky eating waffles with us on a lazy holiday? Ha!

Oh yeah - I don't have any pictures of this... yet. But Matt was a handy man this weekend too! My own personal Ty! I am finally getting our guest bedroom complete - now that most of the people who are going to come visit have already come - oh well. And Matt helped my out by building a headboard! It's gonna be so cool! I still have to get it covered, but that will come this weekend, I hope!

Well, that's all of the excitement from the G's household today... I gotta go watch David Cook on Ellen. I mean work... I gotta go work!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

BEST Husband Ever!

When every little girl is growing up, she always has the idea in her head of the perfect man. She reads books and watches movies that just seem to feed that fairytale notion of "true love." As she gets older, she begins to think that man does not exist... no love story is every like the movies. But I'm here to tell you, it can happen. Don't "settle" just because you think it's time to settle down. BELIEVE that God will bring YOUR perfect man to you. Someone who will love you with all of his heart. Someone who will do anything just to bring a smile to your face.

I did... and he does!

Today we were just following through with our promise to have a lazy, relaxing Memorial Day weekend. We were going to head downtown to go enjoy the Reggae Festival and eat some Caribbean food - hoping of course that it would take us away back to the fun times from our Honeymoon. And of course, duty called, and Matt had to stop at the stadium to help out one of the guys. Then, as we were leaving to head on to to Reggae fun, Matt wanted to stop and introduce me to the Head Grounds Keeper. As we're walking around, I turn to look at the field and I said... what? Is... that..... an H?

Yep - it says "M hearts H". Louisville Slugger Field currently has my husband's love for me written all over it... "Diamonds are Forever," he says. So I'm here to tell you, ladies, I may have the best one, but at least know that they exist!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life's Tough Questions...

OK, so it's a VERY lazy Saturday afternoon. My husband and I haven't done anything but sit around and flipping channels between the "Ridiculously Long Lasting 'Run'athon" on MTV2, the SEC baseball tournament and my beloved Braves. These are the weekends that make life worth living. Hanging out with the one you love with absolutely no worries in the world other than... who is the ugliest man in baseball?
Yes, that is our dilemma for the day. My husband thinks Willie McGee is one ugly dude. However, I say ain't no one nowhere as ugly as Randy Johnson. I mean, he even has a mullet.
So I hope that you can help us settle this dilemma of the day: Who should get the award that really matters?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why I love margaritas...

They make you laugh!

Brooke, my sister, is going to kill me for posting this, but it just makes me laugh! So I wanted to make you laugh. She and Melissa came to Kentucky a few weeks ago and I warned her that the margaritas were "good"... So she tried to tell a joke that she saw on a tv show and could hardly get out the punchline.

Who's dat on my tv?

So, as I mentioned, I started this blog thing because I actually was trying to convince Justice that he needed to start one. If you're not familiar with Justice, he was my bridesman and best friend since high school. Anyway, I never would have thought knowing him in those high school days that he would become who and what he has today. Needless to say, he has changed quite and bit!
But I just wanted to take a minute to say how proud I am of him. He had a dream, and he went after it... and now it's starting to pay off. A part in a major motion picture (The Great Debaters) and most recently guest appearances on two major television shows (Moonlight, CBS and Women's Murder Club, ABC) with another one coming up... I think that is Cold Case. I just got finished watching Women's Murder Club tonight. First off, I'm ticked that it was the Season Finale cause it's a show right up my Law and Order ally! But secondly, it was just like watching a regular show. I had to remind myself that it was him on there... he was acting so well I forgot it was Justice acting.
So I just wanted to give a little shout out to my boy. You definitely are an example to people to follow their dreams! I'm proud of you, friend!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Handsome Husbands of Desperate Housewives

So, I know that I complain alot about the living the "baseball life" - meaning every aspect of your life revolves around this game. Trips must be taken in the winter rather than the summer, when the rest of the world goes on vacation, you have to go to the ballpark to remind yourself what your husband looks like, when the dog needs to go out or the house needs to be cleaned, you're it!, etc.

But there are the good sides to it. You get to meet lots of cool people. My autographed baseball collection has grown immensely since Matt and I started dating! (Literally since we first started dating... he gave me autographed baseballs rather than flowers. A man after my own heart...) We've gone to countless free baseball games. How many people can say that they've gotten into Wrigley and Fenway for free! The list keeps growing! And as of yesterday, we can mark off one more "that was pretty cool" thing off the list.

James Denton, best known to all of us Desperate Housewives fans as Mike, the plumber, showed up at Louisville Slugger Field on Saturday. Matt got to give him a few Bats "goodies" and get his pic made with him! Unfortunately I did not get to meet him. However, my husband, always thinking of me, was sure to get his autograph on a Bats jersey for me. Hey, I thought it was pretty cool!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

So it begins...

Well, I'm at least going to make an attempt at this.... I've been telling my friend, Justice, that he needs to start a blog because of all of the great and wonderful things happening in his life while he's going for his dream in LA. So, as I was sitting here in my hotel room this evening, winding down from yet another day of travel, I thought, "Hey - why don't I just do one for us too?!" I mean, our life isn't full of too many adventures, but we do have our share. And since we're both away from our friends and family, at least this is a way people can keep up with us!

So that's what I'm going to do... or at least attempt to do. I've made this attempt several times in my life. I tried to keep a diary when I was little. I tried to keep journals during high school and college so I could "reflect back" when I was older.... and yeah, I think they've all ended up in the trash. And as far as Matt - I am sure that he never had made any attempt to "blog" his thoughts. It will probably be a miracle if I can get him to write anything here, but we shall see!

I do want to warn you, however... don't be looking here for any great insight into life. I have a feeling this blog will end up being much like Matt and me - simple and fun!