Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Savannah Y'all!

Who wants to move to Savannah with me?!

As you may know, I do alot of traveling with my job. It has it's ups and downs... but every once in a while, I do get to have an awesome "work" trip. And Savannah was one of them back in mid June. Sadly Matt had to work so he couldn't enjoy this beautiful town with me, but considering my sister's obsession with Paula Deen (or actually her son Bobby) I invited her and Mama to come join me. Below are some pictures from our adventure...

On the road! This is the infamous "car shot" that must be taken on all trip. What's really funny about it is that I'm not looking at the camera at all... my eyes are on the road!

I had to do a little side trip to Valdosta to train a new account, but Mama and Brooke hung in there and sat in the car in the parking lot!

Since we were going to Paula's Lady and Sons on our second night, we started out our trip at Uncle Bubba's. You know, Paula's brother... It was pretty good... Brooke took a glamour shot out front while we were waiting for dinner.

Umm.. no real reason to put this in the blog other than Brooke looks ridiculous. We were trying to teach Mama how to open her eyes for pictures, but I think Brooke went a little overboard.

Down on the river is an awesome candy shop. It smells of Heaven! You walk on that cobblestone road and stop dead in your tracks when you smell those awesome pralines, turtles and all sorts of yummy candies! Oh, so good!

On Day 2, we took a tour of Savannah. I wasn't real pumped about it at first, but by the end of it, I was ready to pack my bags. Well, almost ready... the fact that they only have a Single A baseball team doesn't do much for us... but anyway....

Here are a few of the other gorgeous, Southern sights we saw! (L) One of the many beautiful parks in the middle of the different "squares". The layout of the area was just awesome (Center) Being from Alabama, we have a special place in our hearts for.... Forrest Gump. This is the church steeple where the feather was falling down from at the beginning of the movie. (R) One of the many boats coming down the river you will see while standing on the cobblestone down on River Road.

Did I mention that Brooke is in love with Bobby Deen, Paula's son? Well, she is.... We were so pumped to get to eat dinner at Paula's famous "Lady and Son's" Restaurant. We shopped the little gift shop (where Brooke has decided is her dream job...) beforehand, bought the cookbooks and aprons and hoecake mixes (yeah, that's what they're called, and yeah, we bought it for Grandmama - ha!) Here's a pic of us right before having eaten 10 pounds of some of the best home cookin' you'll come across. Thanks, HospiScript for pickin' up the tab! Oh wait, can I say that?

Oh yeah, and while we were there, Brooke became friends with some of the staff to try to get the scoop on Bobby. She found out that he sometimes will come and hang out with people waiting to eat, so the next day she went back about 27 more times to see if he was around. Below are some more pics Brooke took in her trips back to Paula's.

Well, there's some of our highlights from our fun times in Savannah.... I'm ready to go back! So from our kitchen to yours, we wish you Best Dishes, y'all!

By the way, if you need a good recipe for Peach Cobbler, let me know! It's to die for, honey! Even my Yankee husband can't deny it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Red Saaahx!

That's "Red Sox" for my fellow Southerners....

The weekend of Friday the 13th, the Red Sox came to town. Well, Cincinnati anyway, close enough. Matt has been planning this trip from the day the schedules were released since Cinci is only about an hour and a half away... it was just made even better for him when he was reunited with this long lost college buddy, Matt.

Side note - how cool is that Boston accent? People know it everywhere. Random guy walked into the batting cages, talks to Matt for a minute, asks if he's from Boston, find out that he's from a small town nearby, and is the Uncle of one of his best friends from college. Random! So a long lost friendship was found again and picked up right where it left off! And what's this? They call each other Bubba?

So, Matt and Matt decide to meet up in Cincinnati...
Game one, Bubba was able to get us tickets to one of the corporate suites from his company. You know, it's nice to get all fancy every once in a while, but Matt and I agreed, you just can't beat sitting in the "regular" seats and eating just a plain ol hot dog. Even though a visit from the desert cart is pretty hard to beat. Oh yeah, and Johnny Bench threw out the first pitch. That was kinda cool.

Game two, we traveled back to Cinci and hung out with Bubba and his other friends pre-game. Sat in our "regular seats" where we could eat our regular hot dog and drink our regular beer................ thaaat was brought to us by the sever after the waitress took our order. Shut up! Now really THAT was what I could get used to!

Game three, all the boys were gone so Matt and I went on by ourselves and had a good ol time... especially watching the Red Sox annihilate Homer Bailey. We ended up leaving a little early because it was to the point of ridiculousness.

Another ridiculousness.... Griffey Jr. had just hit number 600 a few days before we got there... would have been nice to see....

Where the wild horses run....

So I have a little catching up to do on my blogs here. A few weeks ago - first weekend in June - I was able to take a work trip that helped me end up in Virginia Beach, Va for a visit with my ol college roommate, Ashley (Forbes) Knox. The highlight of the trip (once I finally got done with work mess) had to be the visit to her husband's parent's beach house on this wonderful little island called Carova - which I found out was called this because of it's location on the Carolina, Virgina line.

Anyway, it was perfect! Dennis' entire family was so wonderful and welcoming... and did I mention amazing cooks. Yes, I was off of the Weight Watchers for the weekend, but it was worth it! But hey, how many times am I going to get to hang out with Ashley and relax with the horses? The only thing that could have made it better was for Matt to not have to work and be there to enjoy it all with me!

I did learn one very important piece of information, however... don't stand too close to Ashley when the waves are crashing. She gets scared and the claws come out.....