Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Well, in case you're wondering, Dixie's please below worked! Mama and Brooke AND Grandmama all came for a visit over Memorial Day weekend. And in typical Mama form, we were on the go the entire time! Anywhere from J.Jill to Lynn's Paradise Cafe. By the way if you're ever up in Louisville, it's a must see. Just a fun, random place with really, really good food! As a matter of fact, Grandmama's plan is to win the lottery (don't tell her church friends) and then buy an old warehouse down by the river in Bama and open up Vera's Paradise Cafe. I knew she'd love it... it's just as random as she is!

Anywho... we (and when I saw we, I mostly mean Mama) also planted a little mini garden at the apartment to help make it a little more homey. I've been taking special care of it to make sure these gorgeous petunias and whatever the other smaller purple flowers are called make it! So far, so good! Whew, I'm a little relieved. Honestly, I was afraid they may not make it two days with mama gone, but it's day FIVE and I think they're lookin' better than ever:

And yes, we have installed gates so that Dixie can go sit outside. She LOVES it. Mama kept calling it the trellis... um, Mom, it's a baby gate, not a trellis.

Here's a few more I took with my cute little point and shoot camera. I'm so proud of that thing.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fourth Meal Love

You know you have serious love of the fourth meal when....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dixie's Request

Cute, huh? Yeah...

What was even more cute - and kinda sad - is that I replayed the video a couple times while uploading it and she kept running to the window and crying wondering where they were!

So I gave her a treat and all was right with the world again.

... but she still wants Mama and Brooke to come visit.

Monday, May 4, 2009

One Day.... dreams will come true.

And I will get this camera that I have been drooling over for months.

Seriously... I pay for things in cash more often now so I can get change. And then save it... for this!

Poor Dixie Belle

Ok, so today I got that feeling that I'm sure all mothers who travel get... yes, I am aware I do not technically have a child. But seriously, let's face it, we all know she's not a dog, she IS our child.

So anyway, I'm traveling this week - ALL week. And Matt has games this week. This makes for a very long day between the outside potty breaks for Miss Dixie. So, last summer we invested in a dog walker - The Pet Pro Cherie is awesome. She loves Dixie and Dixie loves her. Well, Cherie had a baby - like everyone else I know in my life - (he is adorable by the way, I saw pictures) and is unable to work with Dixie now. .... sigh ....

So, no worries, though, right? She's got a back up and he came to meet us last week. Yes, I said "he". Dixie's never really had issues with men before, as I long as Matt or I were around - she loved him! She even did her little hug things she does when she curls up around your leg. Everything was great! We were good to go for my travel and Matt's games - Dixie's taken care of.

I'm getting on my second flight of the day today and my phone rings. I normally don't answer as I'm walking on a plane but it was a KY area code and not my husband. Oh my gosh - what if it's the dog walker and something's wrong with Dixie?!

Hey Hope, it's Cherie
(hold breath) Hey Cherie how are you?
Good... so Kurt tried to take Dixie out today and she was scared to death of him.
Yeah, she was shaking (I think I remember her saying that)and she ran and hid under something and wouldn't let him take her out.

My heart was broken. My mind went back to when I was leaving this morning. She knew. She wouldn't even pick up her head off of the couch, she just looked at me all pitiful and lifted her eyes as if to say, "Why are you leaving me again? You were just gone last week." And now this....

I feel so horrible for her knowing she's still there all along thinking we'll never come see her again. Ok, yeah, so she's probably sleeping, but still. It's sad!

I have a feeling Matt will get quite the welcome when he gets home tonight... and have a dog sleeping right on top of him all night long!


Hampton Inns are nice and all... but I'm sick of staying in them.