Thursday, May 13, 2010

Derby Hats! ... or not

Yeah, it's May... mid May at that... and yes, I realize my last post was in January. That's how crazy things have been lately! I've been traveling for work on average about three weeks a month. I've been tired, what can I say? So, at least the good news is that you haven't missed out on anything fun or exciting that's been going on in our lives... because it hasn't!

Well, except of course Oaks and Derby Day! I took two days off of work for the first time this year and had a blast at Oaks Day! Churchill donned (is that how you spell it?) it's pink and so did Matt and I!

It was really a GORGEOUS day! So much so that I got some serious sunburn! I'll save you that pic! We got there bright and early and stayed... ALL... DAY.... LONG. But had lots of fun watching those fillies run for the lilies!

Then came Derby Day. Let's just say, we almost didn't even go. We watched the Weather Channel for a couple hours that morning and eventually decided we would go, but the cute outfits didn't exactly make the cut. The little black dress (for me, not Matt) stayed in the closet and out came the jeans, tennis shoes and raincoats... But I DID have a Derby Hat - what do you think? There's even some girly rhinestone bling on the rose and the numbers.

No, but seriously... it was wet all day. As a matter of fact, at one point in the day, this is what Derby winning jockey, Calvin Borel looked like:

Told ya! Gross... did you see the mud on his face too? That's awesome, Calvin. Just leave it there. Show those boys what a real jockey should look like.

Anywho... we were basically soaking wet all day when we were not bunched up under the few areas that were actually covered. I personally preferred to stand out in the rain over being smooshed up against some smoking drunk guy under cover. It got a liiittle claustrophobic.

So we left about an hour before the Derby started. It was so nice to get out of the rain and get home just in time... to see the sun come out over Churchill Downs via the television coverage. By the way - it's kinda funny to me to see all the glamour and beauty of Derby on TV. Those cameras don't stray far from Millionaire's Row down to where the regular folks are in the Paddock area. We just make it on the aerial shots. And the folks in the infield... well, they don't exist for NBC. Which, let's face it, it's probably a good thing. I bet the Chamber of Commerce pays television crews off for the promise of not filming where the (below)average Joe enjoys Derby.

I would definitely say that this little piece of heaven was the highlight of the day...that's right. Strawberries and bananas covered in white chocolate and milk chocolate. Yumm-o!

But overall, another fun adventure to add to our life list!

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