Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reason #486,231...

He's the best husband ever...

So, I haven't been home for three weeks... some work & some vacation travel... but when I finally did get home - tragedy! We're out of diet cokes! And we're exhausted! Oh well, I'll just have to go in the morning and get it after I've been able to sleep for about 32 hours.

And me going to the store - or anywhere for that matter - in the mornings before a Diet Coke is not unlike that McDonald's commercial where the guy is incapable of talking to anyone until he gets his coffee. Diet Coke is my morning lifeline... Let's just say it's best for everyone that I have it.

Knowing me like he does, my handsome husband woke up before me (shocker) and while going to get his morning paper, took a detour to the Diet Coke aisle. And just to make sure there was a nice cold one ready for me when I woke up, had it ready to go on ice!

Nothin' but love for that man...

That's not all, friends, he also made us his famous bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches! Sorry no pic... it wasn't around long enough for that.

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