Sunday, August 24, 2008

Everyday Italian

Last weekend, August 15th and 16th, Matt and I went up to Boston for his family reunion. I know he had a good time catching up and getting to see family he had not seen in years... Here's a few pics to let you know who everyone is (in no particular order):

This is us.... oh, you probably already knew that... ok...

This is Maria, Matt's sister - please ignore that random piece of hair on my forehead.

This little one, that's Elisa - if you've read this blog at all, you've seen her... She is Maria's daughter, and the apple of Uncle Matt's eye. But wait, could it be that cousin Ben is now just a little cooler than Uncle Matt? We'll keep you updated!

This is Nan, the beloved Matriarch of the family. I love her - everyone loves her! She's always there to bake and decorate a perfect cake or make your favorite food - anywhere from peanut butter cups to raviolis! And the little one with her? That's Derek, her great grandson, our nephew, Mark and Mary's youngest.

This is Paula, Matt's mother, and Mark, Matt's brother... I know, I know, I should have had them turn around and pose, but they were serious at this grill. You will see more of them in the slideshow below. Mark even took a special order for me and delivered up a nice, burnt hot dog!

This is our niece, Miss Samantha, she also belongs to Mark and Mary... and yes, everyone has kids except me and Matt.... And yes, we're good with that for now, so don't ask.

This is the Mary I have been speaking of - Mark's wife, our sister in law. The family reunion was held in her and Mark's backyard, which used to be Nan's backyard... keepin' that family tradition!

And here is Uncle Pat, Nan's brother. Not only was it the family reunion, but it was Uncle Pat's 95th birthday! Yes, I am very glad to know that Matt has such good genes in his family! And you'll see the cake Nan made for him below...

I think that just about covers the key players here... so enjoy the highlights from our weekend below!

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