Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Princess and the Attitude Problem

So, I'm a little perturbed right now and I am sitting here at home by myself at 7:39 at night, working, so I thought I would take a break and write about my frustrations...

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my dog. She IS my child, I don't care what you say... However, the past couple months she has decided to turn on me at times. She normally would never hurt a fly. But for some reason, she has been getting entertainment out of making me suffer lately. She is currently closed up in the bathroom for her timeout.

Just about 15 minutes ago, she she brought a kleenex (from who knows where since I just emptied the trash cans) right in front of where I am sitting here at my desk. She held it in her mouth and then looked right at me, began to tear it in shreds and then looked at me as if to say, "What are you gonna do about it?"

So, being the not afraid to discipline mother that I am, I immediately pointed my finger at her and told her if she did not put it down, she would be in serious trouble. I stood up... and she ran... with the kleenex in her mouth. Once I finally got a hold of her, and tried to get the kleenex out of her mouth, she decides she will go after my finger... and proceeded to bit the hand that feeds her.. literally.

So, she has now been in "timeout" AFTER a spanking (I could never live in Massachusetts, because we will spank, government, thanks) for a good little while. No 3 minutes for 3 years, Nanny.... yes, I know she's a dog, but like I said... she's not. And I'm left here thinking, "Where is this coming from?" Is she bored? Does she miss Matt cause she hasn't been able to hang out with him for like a month? Is she just pissed at me? I don't know...

Anywho... so if you can give me ideas, or hook me up with the Dog Whisperer as to why my usually lovely, relaxed, care-free princess has decided to attack JUST ME, please let me know how to handle.



  1. She misses her Auntie Brooke!

    and her best friend coco"mo"...

    oh - and she wants to wear her "Republican" shirt

  2. I've always thought Daisy had an attitude.