Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Red Saaahx!

That's "Red Sox" for my fellow Southerners....

The weekend of Friday the 13th, the Red Sox came to town. Well, Cincinnati anyway, close enough. Matt has been planning this trip from the day the schedules were released since Cinci is only about an hour and a half away... it was just made even better for him when he was reunited with this long lost college buddy, Matt.

Side note - how cool is that Boston accent? People know it everywhere. Random guy walked into the batting cages, talks to Matt for a minute, asks if he's from Boston, find out that he's from a small town nearby, and is the Uncle of one of his best friends from college. Random! So a long lost friendship was found again and picked up right where it left off! And what's this? They call each other Bubba?

So, Matt and Matt decide to meet up in Cincinnati...
Game one, Bubba was able to get us tickets to one of the corporate suites from his company. You know, it's nice to get all fancy every once in a while, but Matt and I agreed, you just can't beat sitting in the "regular" seats and eating just a plain ol hot dog. Even though a visit from the desert cart is pretty hard to beat. Oh yeah, and Johnny Bench threw out the first pitch. That was kinda cool.

Game two, we traveled back to Cinci and hung out with Bubba and his other friends pre-game. Sat in our "regular seats" where we could eat our regular hot dog and drink our regular beer................ thaaat was brought to us by the sever after the waitress took our order. Shut up! Now really THAT was what I could get used to!

Game three, all the boys were gone so Matt and I went on by ourselves and had a good ol time... especially watching the Red Sox annihilate Homer Bailey. We ended up leaving a little early because it was to the point of ridiculousness.

Another ridiculousness.... Griffey Jr. had just hit number 600 a few days before we got there... would have been nice to see....

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