Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday Thoughts... on a Friday

I should probably be concerned that things are this slow for me with work today that I have now blogged twice, however, I'm just not going to think about it...

What I AM thinking about is this...
- I SERIOUSLY don't understand why the woman who lives upstairs vacuums EVERY SINGLE DAY! I mean, there's cleanliness and then there's OCD.

- I love Elvis Presley.

- I can't wait to use my new Sizzix machine and make super cute tags for Christmas presents this year!

- I don't really understand how our apartment gets chillier throughout the day. I mean it's getting warmer outside and the thermostat has the same temp on it... life's mysteries...

- I'm super pumped about what Mama is getting Matt for Christmas. I keep saying that to him too, so I hope I haven't overdone it... even though it is going to be really exciting!

- I think I'm choosing to write this as I am really so overwhelmed I don't know rather to scratch my watch or wind my butt (yes, stolen from Steel Magnolias). Here's what all I should be doing and have to get done within the next 24 hours before I get on a plane to Bama.
* Vacuum my own apartment... I may just asked the lady from upstairs to come visit us...
* Empty the dishwasher
* Finish the laundry that's been in the machines for the past 2 days
* Bake cookies, lemon squares and bark
* Organize and box all Christmas present for their correct location - Alabama or Massachusetts
* Wrap the presents that have to go to Massachusetts
* Pack all work clothes that I will need for my trip to Bama in one suitcase...
* Pack all other clothes that I will need for hanging around the house for Matt to bring when he comes down to Bama
* Organize two weeks worth of work stuff to take with me
* Address Christmas cards!! I forgot about that one til just now!
* Oh yeah, and I'm in the middle of a work day...
* Hmm... this is a long checklist for the day... I should get going...

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