Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Adventures of Dixie and Coco - Day 1

We have a house guest for the next week. There's ups and downs to this house guest. I didn't have to dust, vacuum, and make sure everything was in it's proper place before she got here (even though I am a little overdue for that anyway...) so that was good. But I did have to make sure I have plenty of extra treats on hand.

It's our favorite brown mut - I mean - brown peekapoo (minus the peekapoo build & mentality), Coco.

Yeah, Mama needed someone to help look after her, so Matt, Dixie, and I drove to Franklin, TN today to meet them halfway for the exchange. Well, Matt drove. Dixie and I were chillin.

So, I thought to help Mama not worry so much about being away from her little rugrat I would post about... the daily adventures of Dixie & Coco.

Let's just say the first thing I did this morning when we were heading out was call to make sure that Mama and Brooke had given Coco her "Pup - Ease" to calm her down a bit. They had.

And she... did... pretty well...

Meanwhile, The Princess was a little perturbed that she had to share. For a little while she acted like a teenager who was ticked off at her parents and refused to talk to us.

But just now, I'd say we're getting a little used to each other again. They've eaten, pottied and now they are pooped! It's a rough life.

And no, Mother, they still have not eaten people food. Coco will be coming back to you a lean, mean, DOG food eatin' machine.

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