Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The "Inside" Scoop!

You've asked for it... and here it is! Well, ok, like two of you asked for it, but whatever...

So, I have this "thing" where I need color. Color and Order. Having those two things just makes me relax and feel at HOME! We couldn't paint at the apartment and it drove me crazy. So when we rented this house and everything was off-white, one of the first questions I asked was if we could paint. We got the go ahead and I was pumped!

So, we moved in the week before Thanksgiving, I had lots of traveling to do and then it was Christmas. The week after Christmas, Mama and Brooke came up to help me get things in order. So, first, should out to them for coming to help. DEFINITELY couldn't have done it without them!

What am I saying, Mama did most of it, Brooke had fun where she could - hence the BAF on my office wall... And Matt.... well, he warned us ahead of time that there was ALOT of football on. But the good thing is he said I could decorate however I wanted to as long as he didn't have to paint. And of course, he was kind enough to help move the big stuff when we needed him to.

The Living Room
So this was the first room that was "finished" - and actually Matt did it all... before the bowl games. I absolutely love this room! It's so cozy and homey to me! How gorgeous are the curtains Mama made for us? And you'll see the pictures below were taken before Christmas. The ornaments on the mantel were all the Christmas decorating we had time to do this year! Our niece, Elisa, made them for us. The special one on the end is for Dixie.

Oh, and for those of you familiar with the story... that odd spot on the ceiling was "the incident" while we were gone at Thanksgiving. That's all I'm gonna say about that. (Oh, rentals...)

The Kitchen
Ok, so this isn't the whole kitchen because, well, it's not so cute. I have ideas of what I would do to make it prettier, but I don't think the owner will go for putting in the granite countertops that I would suggest... whatever. But, I just wanted to show this cabinet and hutch that I LOOOOOVE! I got it for around $200 at the Prattville Flea Market! It will be in my life forever.

Half Bath
Ok, so I'll just go around the house from there. Off the kitchen (randomly) is our little half bath. Before I just kept the door closed, cause white on white on white makes me want to vomit. It was a last minute decision to paint this room, but I'm SO glad we did. Now it's cute!
Tella! That's the fun Opal Soap that you sent me (that the apartment complex kept in their office for 6 months) on the sink! LOVE it! ;-) And yes, that picture above the toilet says "No Dumping". I took the picture next to a field out here and had it printed it for Matt for Christmas. He loved it, what can I say?

Dining Room


And then we'll go up the stairs...

Guest Bedroom
Ok, not done by any means, but I just wanted to show off the awesome headboard. Matt built it and Mama and I covered it... like two years ago... but I still am super proud of it!

Pretty Bathroom
I just realized this is a very odd picture, but at least you can see the shower curtain I love. AND - at first I wasn't sure how we would handle a smaller bathroom with one sink. But, what I have learned is a smaller bathroom means there's much less to clean! And THAT makes me happy.

Office / Craft Room!!!

Ahhhh.... Can I just say that there's nothing like having a calming, relaxing room that you have to spend the most of your time in? I absolutely love my office.
And HELLO! Does this awesome dresser make you want to just slap your mama or what? Look at those big ol knobs. Too cute! This was yet another flea market purchase - $70. And it, too, will be in my life forever. I can already picture all the different colors this thing is gonna be in it's lifetime!

And here's my desk area. So calming. The color... the lights... I don't even turn the overhead light on during the day. It might sound crazy, but I swear it has affected my mood during the work day too.

And then of course the awesome craft table that Matt made me for my birthday with baseball bat legs and a picture from our wedding day on top! (And a built in coaster for my drink.)


When I walk in to our bedroom, all I can think is "Breathe". Love it.

So there you go! Pics of the inside of our little home. Since most of you won't be able to come for a vist, I hope you enjoyed this electronic tour!


  1. This is just beautiful! I don't know what I like best! Ya'll did a great job! And gave me some ideas! I LOVE the corner china hutch! Tell Matt the table he made is so creative and awesome! And I love the sign in the bathroom! I need one in the extra bathroom at home!!!! Love the outside of your house too!!! love you guys! Tella

  2. Love it Hopie! Even tho I didn't ask you know this gal wanted the scoop :o)
    Loving all the thrift store finds! It's a good thing we don't have a house yet... we'd have tons of random furniture! :o)
    Great job on all the decorating!