Monday, May 12, 2008

Handsome Husbands of Desperate Housewives

So, I know that I complain alot about the living the "baseball life" - meaning every aspect of your life revolves around this game. Trips must be taken in the winter rather than the summer, when the rest of the world goes on vacation, you have to go to the ballpark to remind yourself what your husband looks like, when the dog needs to go out or the house needs to be cleaned, you're it!, etc.

But there are the good sides to it. You get to meet lots of cool people. My autographed baseball collection has grown immensely since Matt and I started dating! (Literally since we first started dating... he gave me autographed baseballs rather than flowers. A man after my own heart...) We've gone to countless free baseball games. How many people can say that they've gotten into Wrigley and Fenway for free! The list keeps growing! And as of yesterday, we can mark off one more "that was pretty cool" thing off the list.

James Denton, best known to all of us Desperate Housewives fans as Mike, the plumber, showed up at Louisville Slugger Field on Saturday. Matt got to give him a few Bats "goodies" and get his pic made with him! Unfortunately I did not get to meet him. However, my husband, always thinking of me, was sure to get his autograph on a Bats jersey for me. Hey, I thought it was pretty cool!

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