Sunday, May 25, 2008

BEST Husband Ever!

When every little girl is growing up, she always has the idea in her head of the perfect man. She reads books and watches movies that just seem to feed that fairytale notion of "true love." As she gets older, she begins to think that man does not exist... no love story is every like the movies. But I'm here to tell you, it can happen. Don't "settle" just because you think it's time to settle down. BELIEVE that God will bring YOUR perfect man to you. Someone who will love you with all of his heart. Someone who will do anything just to bring a smile to your face.

I did... and he does!

Today we were just following through with our promise to have a lazy, relaxing Memorial Day weekend. We were going to head downtown to go enjoy the Reggae Festival and eat some Caribbean food - hoping of course that it would take us away back to the fun times from our Honeymoon. And of course, duty called, and Matt had to stop at the stadium to help out one of the guys. Then, as we were leaving to head on to to Reggae fun, Matt wanted to stop and introduce me to the Head Grounds Keeper. As we're walking around, I turn to look at the field and I said... what? Is... that..... an H?

Yep - it says "M hearts H". Louisville Slugger Field currently has my husband's love for me written all over it... "Diamonds are Forever," he says. So I'm here to tell you, ladies, I may have the best one, but at least know that they exist!


  1. What a wonderful tribute of your love for Hope.

  2. Chris said, "Gee, Thanks, Matt. How will the rest of us ever live up to that!" HAHA! That is so sweet!