Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the rest of Memorial Day weekend

So, I know, it can't get much better than my surprise from Matt on Sunday, but we did have just a little more fun....

Sunday afternoon, after I saw our initials engraved into the field, we headed out to the Reggae Festival. How fun! Let me tell you - I've planned events before and stressed out to the max because you have to worry about every little detail and make sure that everything goes perfectly because people get upset, etc. But if I were to ever coordinate an event again, I want it to be a Reggae Festival.... people just don't care! It was the most laid back event I have ever been to! No one was in a hurry, mon... no worries.... irie. It was great! And did I mention there were no lines at the drink tent! What? We just ate some food, laid out on our picnic blanket, listed to some jammin', admired the sights... like the coolest, longest dreads you've ever seen!

And then on Monday, well, we slept late... all the way til 9am! It was great! And then we decided it was time... it was time to bust out the Waffle Maker we received as a wedding gift! So Matt got to cookin', and as always, it was wonderful! Just thought I'd share that little bit of info with you.... Don't you wish you could be in Kentucky eating waffles with us on a lazy holiday? Ha!

Oh yeah - I don't have any pictures of this... yet. But Matt was a handy man this weekend too! My own personal Ty! I am finally getting our guest bedroom complete - now that most of the people who are going to come visit have already come - oh well. And Matt helped my out by building a headboard! It's gonna be so cool! I still have to get it covered, but that will come this weekend, I hope!

Well, that's all of the excitement from the G's household today... I gotta go watch David Cook on Ellen. I mean work... I gotta go work!

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  1. i do wish i had celebrated w/ you all that sounds great and those waffles look too good