Saturday, February 21, 2009

Found another Flea!!

So, I heart a flea market...

Last weekend, yes, on Valentine's Day, I wanted to go to a flea market.. and the best one we'd seen yet was over the bridge in to Indiana. Yes, I said Indiana.

Anywho... this is how awesome that place is...

Looks great, huh?

Flea markets are wonderful places! I mean my mind just goes crazy thinking of what you could do with stuff or what miracle you could work to turn that junk into some awesome piece of work! Unfortunately, all we came away with that day was an awesome pack of multicolored Sharpies. I can't wait to use them for something scrapbooky!

So back to today...

We were driving around, looking for the church we had visited a while back... and out of the corner of my eye... what?

So I said to Matt, "What did that say? Is that another Peddler's something?? Isn't that what they call the flea markets up here?"

He stares straight ahead....
"What do you want me to do?"

"Don't worry about it, I'll just come back some other time by myself...."

So we turn into the parking lot.

It was huge. I love these places!!

Just look at this!

Mama - I was thinking of using this above our tv but Matt said no. But THEN I got to thinking that you need it in "my" room back home. Imagine this with some sepia color photos in each window in the room with the antique dresser! Perfect! And it' only $8... EIGHT DOLLARS! So, let me know if you want it... I think you do.

Then, I saw this...

And it took my back to my days of youth back at good ol Pinedale Baptist Church. These are the exact chairs we used to talk about being old and out of date when I was there. I GUARANTEE they're still there too! And just think - they're at a flea market for $25 each or 4 for $85!

But, what brought a smile to my face was this... oh memories of sweet home Alabama...

In case you can't read the description on the thing, it says "1975 'Bear' Bryant book ad & 1989 Rare Coke Card $3.50"

Ha! I think if this was in any flea market in the state of Alabama that price tag may be just a little bit higher....

So, there it is ladies and gents... our fun times at the flea market... today. Well, let me correct that.. MY fun time at the flea market and Matt putting up with yet another quirk of his wife's.

Oh yeah... no, I didn't buy anything.

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