Sunday, February 1, 2009


So, many of you may already know this, but I am so proud of my husband, I just have to share!!

About a month ago, probably around 8pm, Matt and I were getting home from the grocery store and Matt checked his cell phone messages. He came back into the kitchen and his eyes were wide and he said, "Major League Baseball just called... they want to talk with me about the World Baseball Classic."

And you know me.... "What? The World Baseball Classic? That's awesome! Where is it? When is it? What all would you have to do?" etc. etc...

To which, Matt says, "I don't know..."

"Call him back... now!"

"It's too late."

"He called you at night!!"

Needless to say, I lost that battle...

So Matt called him back the next morning. And this is what he said...

"Well, it looks like I'm going to New York in a few days. They're going to fly me up there for a meeting about being a clubby for the Classic. He said nothing is definite, I would find out at the meeting... ... ... he asked if I had a passport."

"A passport?! So does that mean you're gonna be a going to one of the other countries? Oh my gosh, what if you go to China or something... I want to go too! Or what about Puerto Rico? I definitely want to go! I won't want to go to Canada though..."

"Hun, nothing's definite. He said I'll find out at the meeting."

"So this means I can't blog about it?"

"No, you can't."


So to get to the point, Matt went to New York while I fought the temptation to call everyone I know and blog about how excited I was! (Ok, so maybe I did call a few people...) I of course was traveling the same day that Matt made his trip to MLB headquarters in NY. I hated that so much! I wanted to be home to see him off and support him, but I couldn't... it was no fun. So he made the trip - Louisville, KY to NYC and back - in one day and I was dying to hear ALL the details.

My amazing husband will be a Clubhouse Manager (Clubby) for the World Baseball Classic! He will be going to Arizona about a week before it all starts for team workouts and then he will go with the team to Mexico City, Mexico!

How cool is that?!

I'm so proud! And happy! And excited!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited for you guys!! Will you go with them to Mexico?

  2. Thank you! No, I won't go to Mexico. I did a little reading up on Mexico City and it's probably not somewhere I'll want to hang out by myself while he's working. We talked about going out to AZ early and I might go there... we shall see!