Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The little thoughts

Maria (Matt's sister) and Elisa (our niece - who just turned 5) came to visit over the long weekend this past weekend. They were supposed to head back to Boston at the same time I was heading down to Ft. Lauderdale on Monday. However, my flight left as scheduled (for the most part) and, well... theirs didn't. They ended up going back to spend one more night with Uncle Matt!

I just spoke my sweet goodnights with my husband and he had the following conversation to tell me about from this morning:

Elisa: Uncle Matt, I'm sorry that I have to leave you today and you're going to be all by yourself.

Uncle Matt: It's ok. And I won't be all by myself. Dixie will be here with me and then Auntie Hope is coming home on Thursday.

Elisa: Well, I'm sorry that you, Auntie Hope and Dixie will be here all by yourselves when I leave.

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